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Gas Heaters

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  • Factory space heaters
  • Spitbraai Burners
  • Water heaters
  • Heaters for industrial applications
  • Accessories for heaters


Jackwal Infrared Heater

Item Code: GH002  (temporarily out of stock)

Single ceramic panel infrared heater to fit direct on most popular small domestic type gas cylinders like Alva, Cadac, Handipack and others.

  • Application: Space heating for rooms and offices.
  • Dimensions: 225 X 180mm
  • Number of panels: 1 @ 132 x 92 x 12mm
  • Reflector: Built-in aluminum
  • Rating: 1200kcal/hour
  • LP Gas consumption: Average 125 grams per hour
  • Flame control: Through gas bottle’s control valve.
  • Gas supply: Direct from gas bottle without regulator
  • Needle control valve available as extra optional (Item code GH009)
  • Certificate SABS 1539:200 Permit No. 1016/01/RSA-00/A

NB. Shown here fitted on 1.3 Kg cylinder

Product : GH002 | Jackwal Infrared Heater GH002 | Price/Unit : 0.00 ZAR

Jackwal 2250 Heater

Three-panel infra-red gas burner 

Item Code: GH010  

  • Size: 340 x 105mm
  • Number of ceramic panels: 3 @ 100 x 70 x 12mm.
  • Rating: 2250kcal per hour. Average 190 grams per hour
  • Flame control: Extra optional assortment of valves depending on application.
  • Application: Spitbraais.
  • Gas supply: Low pressure regulator
  • Operating pressure: 280mm CA or 0,406psi or 11″ water column.
  • Optional extra:
  • Flame failure device with thermocouple
  • Piezo ignitor, Ignition wire and thermocouple
  • CA6 HP needle control valve.

Product : GH010 | Jackwal 2250 Heater | Price/Unit : 0.00 ZAR

Jackwal 5500 Heater

Four ceramic paneled infra-red gas burner

Item code: GH012

  • Size: 405 x 170mm
  • Number of ceramic panels: 4 @ 132 x 92 x 12mm (item GH003)
  • Reflector: Extra optional stainless steel
  • Rating: 5500kcal per hour. Approximate 21800 BTU’s/hour.
  • Gas consumption: average 465 gram per hour.
  • Flame control: Extra optional available various assortment valves depending on application.
  • Application: Space heating and Spitbraai.
  • Gas supply: Through low pressure regulator.
  • Operating pressure: 280mm C.A. 0r 0,406psi or, 11″ water column.
  • Other: Supplied with copper coil. 1/8″NPT Male thread at gas inlet end.


Jackwal 2850


Item Code: GH004

  • Dimensions: 260 x 300mm.
  • Total outer dimension include valve: 250 x 350 x 100mm.
  • Number of ceramic panels: 2 @ 132 x 92 x 12mm.
  • Reflector: Built-in aluminum.
  • Rating: 2850kcal/hr or 1270 BTU’s/hour.
  • Consumption: Approximate 250 grams LPGas per hour.
  • Flame Control: Built-in needle control valve with horsetail.
  • Gas supply: Low-pressure regulator.
  • Operating pressure: 280mm C.A. or 0,406 psi or 11″ water column.

Jackwal 2850 Wall Mount 


Shown wallmounted)

Item Code: GHJ029

Application: Space heating.


Flame Failure Device (Low Pressure) 

Item Code: SVI001 – 1/4″

Item Code: SVI003 – 1/8″






Flame Failure Device (High Pressure) 

Item Code: SVI 56A

High Pressure Flame-failure device







Thermo Couples 

Various lengths from 320mm

(Picture shown with Flame Failure Device)






Thermo Couples Universal Type 

Various Lengths

STH105  320mm

STH450  450mm

STH403  900mm

STH404 1200mm

STH405  1800mm


Magnets for Flame Failure Devices

SMI001 – Magnet STD Mini

SMI002 – Magnet STD

SMI03B – Magnet HP Mini (High Pressure)                          




Piezo Ignitor, ignition-wires and spark-plugs 

Piezo Ignitor:

Item code: H62P28 (Piezo ignitor only)

Extra optional:

Spark Plugs – see below

Ignition wires – see below


Ignition Wires (Various lengths)

Item code and length

HS031  – 200mm R+FHS034  – 450mm R+F

HS035  – 600mm R+F




Spark Plugs/Electrodes


Item code:

Short type Code: B102

Long type  Code: B103.




Pilot 3 Way with CO2 Cut-0ut & Spark Plugs:

Item code: SP4-95







Pilot 2 Way x 1/8 F/M Inlet 

Item code: S1-001

Pilot 2 Way cw Spark Plug x 1/8 F/M Inlet

Item code: S1-002





Self-Vapourising Burners 

Application: Main use is for firing immersion tubes on on mobile liquid tankers. Can also be used for heating kilns, vats, ovens and many drying applications.

This burner is purely an atmospheric burner, drawing the air necessary for combustion from it’s immediate surrounds. It is installed in a horizontal position with the gas inlet down.

They are fired from a liquid-withdrawal cylinder through a high pressure regulator at 1,41 Pa (20lb/in.2) supplying liquid gas into the burner itself.

Two models available:

* Item Code: SV2  (320 000BTU’s/hour)  Dimension: Length 300mm x 50mm Dia
* Item Code: SV3  (670 000BTU’s/hour) Dimensions: Length 340mm x 60mm Dia

DIY Burner

Item code: DIY01

For fitting under steel or cast iron plates i.e. stir-fry or steak plates.