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Reseller Trade Items

On this page you will find the following:
– Brass Adaptors for gas cylinders and appliances
– O Rings and washers for regulators and adaptors
– Brass connecting pieces for standard gas hose
– Mantles, spares and cadac cylinder repair spares
– Paraffin to gas conversion kits for fridges
– Coooker Tops and Gas Lamps
– Panbraai
– Extensions pipes
– Skottel and Panbraai stems
– Firestick for lighting fires
– Oxy Butane Range – camping lamp and stove
– Oxy Turbo Range – Blow Torches taking 190gram cartridges
– Jackwal Blow Torches – regulator not required.
– Arrow blow torches requiring high pressure regulator
– Butane pencil torches.

Spare O-Rings and Washers 


Item code:
1. OR006: O Ring Bullnose Seal
2. OR001: O Ring Bullnose Bevelled
3. OR002: O Ring High Pressure
4. OR004: O Ring Primus Valve/Adaptor
5. RLW01: Rubber Lamp Washer  (Neoprene)
6. OR005: O Washer Jackwal Heater/Lamp
7. OX021: O Seal Oxy Turbo Lines
8. AW01 : Fibre Washers for Cooker Tops (Fibre washers now green in colour)


Spare O-Rings and Washers







  1. BCHA01 Cadac x Hosetail
  2. AD001 Tank Adaptor
  3. AD007 3/8 Male x 90 degree Hosetail
  4. AD005 Cadac x Cadac
  5. BA01   Cadac x Bullnose
  6. AD004 Cadac x Primus
  7. JC01     Jet Cleaner (old cadac jets)
  8. AD003 Primus x Cadac
  9. BCHA02 Bullnose x Hosetail (discontinued
  10. BCA01    Bullnose x Cadac
  11. Discontinued USA Bullnose x Cadac
  12. Discontinued Weber Quick Acting

Gas Hose Connector Pieces

For standard 10mm Gas Hose

  1. BP001   Brass T-Piece
  2. BP002   Brass Y-Piece
  3. BP003   Brass X-Piece
  4. BP004   Brass Straight Piece
  5. VA001   Brass Inline Valve



Mantle for Gas Lamps


  1. MAD100  100cp Double Tie
  2. MAS100   100cp Single Tie
  3. MAD250   250cp Single Tie
  4. MAD300   300cp Double Tie
  5. MAS300   300cp Single Tie
  6. MAP080   80cp Single Tie


Jets and Spindles for original Cadac Appliances

  1. JC01   Cooker jet (No.15)
  2. JL031  Lamp Jet  (No.31)
  3. JB095  Braai Jet (No.95)
  4. CA006 Cadac Control Spindle
  5. Broach Nut, Jet support and Copper “0”ring (discontinued)




Cooker Top

CP03 Cooker Top

(Gas cylinder – extra optional)





Cadac Jet Spanner and Cylinder Key

  1. CA009  Cadac Jet Spanner
  2. CK01    Cadac Cylinder Key






Regulator Low Pressure

  1. RE001 – Bullnose low pressure





Regulator Low Pressure – Swivel “L”

  1. REL003






Regulator High Pressure ( Red Devil)

  1. RE005